High-Tension Fishing Line Spooler

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High-Tension Fishing Line Spooler

The Rush Creek Creations High-Tension fishing line spooler, is a must-have accessory for all fishing enthusiasts! This innovative device is designed to revolutionize how you spool your fishing line—no more tangles, twists, or uneven line distribution. The fishing line spooler ensures a smooth and effortless spooling process every time. The high-quality tension springs will stop backlash on the spool. With its sturdy frame and efficient winding mechanism, you’ll easily tackle a wide range of spools of line. The Patent Pending design allows the line to feed on the reel at 20 different angles when the spooler is in a vertical or horizontal mounting position. This game-changing accessory is guaranteed to elevate your fishing experience and make you the envy of all your fishing buddies. Get your fishing line spooler today and make your next fishing trip one to remember!

  • UNIQUE SPOOLER: The Rush Creek Creations High-Tension Spooler has a special design that sets it apart from others on the market. This fishing line spooler will make the process of winding the fishing line onto a reel much easier and more efficient, by holding the spool of line steady while the user winds the line onto the reel.
  • PATENT DESIGN: What sets this line spooler apart is the black line leader can swivel up to 20 different angles so the fishing line will equally feed onto the reel. The line spooler is lightweight and portable with heavy-duty checkered padding to clamp on a table in a horizontal or vertical position.
  • QUALITY COMPONENTS: We use only high-quality materials and components for the Rush Creek Creations Fishing Line Spooler. The ABS injection-molded body construction is durable and is long-lasting. Thick gauge tension springs are used to tighten the spool down to prevent backlash.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: This fishing line spooler is designed to be both light in weight and easy to carry or transport. The use of lightweight materials makes the spooler easy to handle and maneuver, while its compact size and portability make it convenient to take with you on fishing trips or to store when not in use. A lightweight and portable fishing line spooler is ideal for anglers who need a compact and convenient tool for winding fishing line onto their reels, whether they are at home or out on the water.
  • OFFICIAL SIZE: Measures 7.4″ X 1.9″ X 14.7″

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 7.44 × 1.97 × 14.72 in


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